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Do you dream of going on a lush, tropical getaway? An intercontinental adventure? A breathtaking, revitalizing mountain escape? A luxury cruise?

Who doesn’t? But, dreaming and doing are two different things. Planning that dream vacation can be very time consuming and involved.

What’s the best way to get there? What accommodations are available? What are my dining choices? Do I need a passport? What about tours and excursions? Activities? Weddings? Sporting Events? Entertainment? What’s the nightlife like? Do I have everything I need?

Travels of Distinction™ is a travel planning and consulting company that can take the whole process off your hands. Planning involves research. We ask all the right questions. We find all the right answers – and, most importantly, because we realize distinguishing travelers demand value for their money, we plan trips for our clients as if we are planning them for ourselves.

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Enjoy as we help you “Escape into the depths of your imagination™ ...”

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